Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Pig Out

Sunday I spent the afternoon watching this pig lose a battle to man with a knife. Ryan Farr and the folks over at Coffee bar set up this cutesy dinner where for 35 bucks you could watch him work the pig and eat it. I think you got some drinks or some shit too but I don’t fuck with old shitty grape juice. I hollered at some Big Daddy IPAs and watched him do his thing. At some point I told them to save me the eye just because that’s what my grandfather always yelled out when there was fish around. When the head came back from the grill they offered it up, it wasn’t too crazy. I was expecting it to be juicy and salty but it felt like really tender cartilage and flavor wise it was kind of lacking.  It wasn’t bad or anything, but the texture was more interesting than the flavor. When Ryan was breaking down the leg he offered up some bits of the skin, super crispy and that was the best thing I’d eaten that day.

The food was served up like a buffet, with a variety of cuts, some salad, cheese, and rolls. I think there was a potato salad in there too but I didn’t fuck with it. I got some pieces of leg, cheek, tenderloin wrapped in pork belly and a bunch of other cuts that I’m not sure what they were. It was dope though because a good opportunity to experience all the different things pigs can do. Fuck some swine flu made for TV bullshit, pork is amazing. The only thing that was kind of lacking was just the set up of the whole thing. It was hard to hear Ryan just because the place has these high ceilings, there was a dj playing down tempo stuff (he dropped some liquid swords on the random though). The acoustics of the spot though aren’t that big of a deal, just get a Sham Wow headset and you’re good. It was totally worth it and I definitely want to take a butchering class now.
tenderloin wrapped in pork belly
home made corndogs, these were the knock
long ass chicharron, these were super tasty. Even more flavorful that the packaged ones he makes too.
fuck now I want to bbq


  1. Dude, that bbq looks delicious. I want.

  2. not a fan of the decapitated pigs head, but the finished product looks tasty

  3. im not sure if i want to eat this or not hahaha but great find!

  4. Mmm... I wanna BBQ right now!

  5. I LOVE whole pig, so many different parts and flavors and textures. That tenderloin looked choice, lucky man.

  6. That meat looks absolutely delicious.

  7. That's some tasty looking meat.

  8. That's a really nice looking pig, I bet it tasted amazing.

  9. I'm kinda hungry now, but the dead pig put me off a little

  10. Good thing its soon BBQ weather, this makes me drool :P

  11. that kind've reminds me of epic meal time off of youtube, they do thinkgs like this, but on an even more epic scale haha, the manliest possible foods you could think of man, they get a pig for eg. fill it with roast chickens and lambs, rap the whole think in bacon strips then deep fry it, stuff like that haha